Repair, Update, Renovate

Fix Now, Pay When You Sell.

Updating your home before selling will help you sell faster and for more, but the traditional process is slow, unreliable, and risky. With RE/MAX Concierge you can experience a simple, streamlined home improvement solution that eliminates the stress of getting homes market-ready.

Kitchen Demolition           After renovation


100% of the total project cost is deferred until the home sells with no upfront fees, interest charges, credit checks, or progress payments.  The available equity is used to determine how much can be spent on pre-listing updates. Deferring payment until closing makes necessary improvements accessible to everyone and immediate! 


With licensed and insured general contractor on every project, RE/MAX Concierge offers an end-to-end service. An experienced and professional team moves with a purpose to get you to closing quickly and with peace-of-mind. We remove the hassle from home improvement by providing sellers with a dedicated Project Manager, who sees to every detail of your project from start to finish. 

 Concierge Services

Tackle pre-listing projects of all sizes with no project minimums or maximums, no upfront cost, and no hassle.

Repairs & Touch Ups

Repairs and touch-ups are some of the simplest updates you can make to your home and take about 1-2 weeks to complete. This includes paint touch-ups, hardware swaps, landscaping, and junk removal.

                                    Coming Soon Junk Truck


Refreshes are efficient, cost-effective ways to help a home sell faster and for top dollar and usually take 3-6 weeks. Tasks addressed in a refresh include refinishing cabinets, flooring updates, and upgrading countertops.

      before dining                    Dining Update


While a complete remodel isn’t always necessary, it is a great option for dated listings. Remodels can address large-scale projects like kitchen renovations, bathroom additions, or basement finishing, and are an excellent option for opening walls to create an open floor plan.

before shower  after shower


Every home needs some updates before going on the market in order to unlock its true value and attract buyers. The fastest and most common updates include a fresh coat of paint, deep cleaning, and staging. 


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